Biivo is a program designed to control the Tivo with only your eyes.  It is used in combination with tobiieyex and, of course, a Tivo.  You can watch a video about it on YouTube.

What you need:

First, you need to download the Biivo software here.  This is free for you to use non-commercially.  However, I do ask that if you find the program useful, to please donate to Roll To Church bus ministries here.

Second, you need to purchase the tobiieyeX device and install the software on your computer.  You can find it online for around $150. (You will need a USB 3.0 port on your computer)

Finally, you will need to connect your Tivo to your home network either wirelessly or by ethernet cable and go to settings and enable connections from other devices in order to allow the Biivo software to connect to the Tivo.

Once you have everything installed, make sure to calibrate your tobiieyeX device.  This will make the eye tracking much more accurate.  When you open Biivo, the software will automatically start scanning the network to find your Tivo.  If you have more than one Tivo on the network, make sure to unplug the ones that you don’t want to connect to until the scan is complete.  Once Biivo finds the Tivo, you are ready to start controlling the Tivo with your eyes.

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Charlie Collins